Axapta CRM

I would like to open discussion with current users of Axapta CRM We have just recently purchased Axapta and the Axapta CRM package for later implemtation for our Group of Companies and would be interested in comments from other users

Hi, We are also implementing Axapta here. Your company is in which industry. Regards, Anuj

We operate a group of Agricultural Commodity Trading, Processing and Manufacturing Companies. We will have about 40 users of the CRM Package across 5 sister companies all working with a common customer/supplier base of approx 5000 I look forward to hearing of your progress

We have been using the Axapta CRM for about 2 months now. It is excellent in terms of sales force automation, marketing / telemarketing automation and reporting. The migration pretty straight forward apart from the although transferring previous notes and conversations from a free text box but we where using an Access type system before. Dan

G’day Dan We have yet to start our implementation of Axapta & Axapta CRM - Planned to start early Oct 2003 - we have add all new hardware to our Server configeration (Windows 2003)and with 40 users we elected Citrix at the Desktop. We currently run about 40 Access 97 Databases to manage the Group of Companies - and from a maintenance point of view, we can’t wait to change over to Axapta. The CRM will be last on the list to setup, though we are not totally sure of the the expectations on outcomes - most will I’m sure rely on Staff envolvement and committment

We will be implementing CRM soon. Existing data is in Superoffice. Does anyone have experience in such data migration so to guide us. Thanks in advance

We will start with CRM by the end of November. I’am currently studying the document managing features. Its a great way to connnect documents and notes to customers or salesorders. The only trouble is how to identify documents outside of axapta as axapta uses a numbersequence to generate document names and existing files are copied to the archive folder. Does anyone have any experience with this feature?