Axapta crashes when opening form

Hi When trying to open the form “InventOnhandItem”, Axapta crashes with the error message: “xPropertySetData::unpack : Property not found : 4067” The form is existing in the following layers: sys, vap, cus I assume the problem is the cus version of the form so I want to delete it, but it doesn’t work. When I go to the form in the AOT, Axapta will crash whatever I want to do with it: I cannot delete it, I cannot import another version on top of it, I cannot export it, I cannot open it. How can I get rid of that form ??? Best regards Helmut

Hi Helmut, That’s bizarre. What version of Axapta are you using? Is this 3-tier? Is there any error message in Event Viewer? If you haven’t tried, do please try these solutions - a) Running “consistency check” under Basic → Periodic. b) Also try synchronising tables. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harish in the meantime I found out why the error has occured. We have 2 AOS of which only 1 should be running. Both have its own application (so they do not use one common app). We had the setup that the primary AOS is stopped every night and the application is copied to the secondary AOS. About 2 weeks ago, the company decided to switch to 24hour work and so the stopping of the primary AOS had to be disabled. The application, however, was still copied to the secondary AOS. On sunday, the primary AOS stopped working (due to known reasons: users aren’t logged out correctly, the axdat.udb runs full and you cannot connect anymore). Somebody at the customer then started the secondary AOS (instead of correctly restarting the primary AOS). So the users were able to log on again and everything seemed to work. But there seems to be a problem when copying the application files while running an AOS. The AOS caches the application and therefore we had the problem. Switching to the primary AOS resolved the issue.

Hi Helmut, Glad to know that this problem is resolved! That was a whopper [Wow!] Cheers, Harish Mohanbabu