Axapta crash when doing orders

hello, when creating a bunch of (booking) it sometimes crashes on the client site with the following log: suggestions anybody: Axapta Crash Dump File for Axapta build 1951.18 (Oct 12 2002 02:13:57) Dumped : Wed May 26 12:14:06 2004 Crash : Exception 0xc0000005 caught (unspecified) in thread 0x32c of process 0xf5c. ------------------------------------------------------------- --# FV EIP----- RetAddr- FramePtr StackPtr Symbol 0 .V 006e9335 052e15b6 009e340c 0012d880 Mod: ax32[ax32.exe], base: 00400000h 1 .V 052e15b6 00000000 052e2407 0012d880 SymGetSymFromAddr exit code 126 SymGetLineFromAddr exit code 126 SymGetModuleInfo exit code 126 Stackdump exit code 126 (Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden)

Hi there, Does this only occur under certain users logins? If so you may need to clear that users ‘Usage data’. Cheers,

Hi Please let us know the following - a) What is the OS and Axapta version you are using there? Does this happen in all machines? b) Also have you done any modification on those tables? Regards Harish Mohanbabu

Hi , new to this forum. I also get crash exception when doing invoicing. Axaptaa started crapping out after we haad Axapta portal installed. Aos crashes too.

OS is a 2K server, Axapta version is 3.0. Yes Sales table was modified by adding just 4-5 fields. It craps out when any user loggs in.