Axapta crash destroy aoi file

We are running on Axapta 2.5 sp2, using Citrix and AOS (thru Citrix). This point in time we mostly use 2-tier, but the AOS servers are used daily. Once in a while the aoi file crash, and we have to close all sessions, create a new aoi file, and start all sessions again. Some times the error continue for 2-4 times in a row. Can anyone tell me why? We are 300 users in 60 locations, so it is very frustrating. Is it possible to change the aoi files too “read only” for the users, and still use the AOS servers?

Are you sure the proble is in aoi. AOT is changed every when user saves the report from wizard and aoi is modified also. You should test if it works with readonly aoi, but you cannot modify AOT any more. You have too many users running 2-tier axapta. The application directory share is very busy. Problem might be when they all open application files in update or write mode. Windows cannot handle this situation, more info:;en-us;296264 br,

Hi Claus, What exactly happens when, as you say, “the aoi file crashes”? Only I was just wondering, is it possible that you have an Axapta client with the configuration accidentally set to ‘Open application files in exclusive mode’? best regards, Andrew Cowell

We have just found the problem, it was the file cluster which went offline for a few seconds 4-5 times each day. The aoi file was just deletet and the next user tried to rebuild it. All users run on the same configuration.