Axapta Certification : e-Academy(e-Learning)

Could those who have been through Axapta General Application Test Certification please highlight: 1. If the questions in the exam are from all Modules of Application? 2. Only modules available in e-Academy(e-Learning) CD or Partnerguide Website?(Only Partners have access to this) 3. My Interest is to know the scope of the Test in terms of Modules/ Functionality? Thanks in advance.

Axapta - General Application Test Application Essentials ? The overview of Axapta and the Main menu and the Tool bar, Menu bar, and Status bar ? The modules and structure of Axapta ? General functions in Axapta ? Personalizing your Axapta ? Reports and queries Installation & Setup Essentials ? Installation of Axapta ? Basic setup of Axapta (configuration, default data, data import & export, virtual companies, number sequences, AOS, Business Connector) ? Basic setup of security and permissions in Axapta MorphX Essentials ? Tables, forms, and relations ? The label file system ? Reports ? Application Objects ? Axapta Object Tree ? The security system Finance Essentials ? The General Ledger module and its setup ? Sales Tax ? Journals ? Financial statements ? Fixed Assets ? Bank management ? Customer and vendor payments Trade Essentials ? Customers and vendors and their setup ? Sales and purchase orders and their setup ? The parameters in the Accounts payables and Accounts receivable modules Logistics Essentials ? The Items form ? Working with inventory (transactions, on-hand, pricing, item groups, inventory journals) ? Inventory dimensions ? Inventory model groups ? Inventory posting Preparation Guidelines: Recommended Courses ? Application Essentials, e-learning course ? Setup & Installation Essentials, e-learning course ? MorphX Essentials, e-learning course ? Finance Essentials, e-learning course ? Logistic Essentials, e-learning course ? Trade Essentials, e-learning course ? Axapta General Application Workshop, instructor-led course Recommended Reading The relevant chapters in the following User Guides as outlined in the “Sections and Objectives” section above in this document:- ? Getting Started User’s Guide ? Developer’s Guide ? User’s Guide for Administration ? User’s Guide for General Ledger ? User’s Guide for Accounts Payable ? User’s Guide for Accounts Receivable ? User’s Guide for Inventory Management Practical Knowledge Approximately 3 months’ general Axapta experience Other Good knowledge of general business processes including inventory and financial management routines would be a distinct advantage

hi Mohammad, Glad that you are taking the certifications. Go thru the elearning completely, then the user guides. Go thru them two or three times and practice a lot on axapta. This will sure lead you to success. My best wishes to you my friend with best regards vaibhav

Hello! vpednekar, I am very new to Axapta. Would you please let me know how to take the elearning. Thank you. with best regards syoung

Hello! vpednekar, Same here! I’m new at this. Who can provide me with the e-learning CD mentioned earlier in this item? Thanks! Regards Stijn

Hi,K. K&Vaibhav Pednekar: could you tell me how can I download the materials about e-Academy(e-Learning) CD ?I am Partners of MS. thanks a lot. Andy.PengQingHua.


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Hi,K. K&Vaibhav Pednekar: could you tell me how can I download the materials about e-Academy(e-Learning) CD ?I am Partners of MS. thanks a lot. Andy.PengQingHua.

Hi, If your company is a partner of MBS you have at least one person having access to MBS Partnersource and MBS Partnerguide, formerly Navision Partnerguide. Ask him/her to add logins for rest you. This is the only way to access to these sites.

hi, I suggest that you register on the site. But its true as K.K said , u ask ur MBS account manager or ur MBS administrator to create your accounts. Other wise register as end user in this site. And follow the instructions. I dont know the access level for end users, i mean all material is available or not. And for advance material u need to attend the MBS Training, which gives u the complete courseware. Regards vaibhav

Hi, Training website of Axapta is available at - Now it looks much better. Harish Mohanbabu

hi harish, ya but here u cannot create new id or register for the access. is there any link in this site. gives to register as end users. regards vaibhav

Hi Vaibhav, Well. It goes like this - You have go to website and send an email with your details to the email address mentioned in the website. Subsequently you would receive a response (with password credientials) from MBS informing you to visit this site to access Axapta training - Cheers, Harish Mohanbabu