Axapta and Citrix


One of my clients is suffering from a number of Ax32.exe crashes - Users crash doing things that normally work fine. The only hint I get is a Faulting application Ax32.exe in the eventlog on the Citrix server - and an AOCP connection error on the AOS.

SP4 and KR2 is being used.

Any ideas to what may cause this?

Sometimes database logs may be the cause.

(it gets full)

Maybe you can try turning them off for a while.


I just checked but the logs are quite small - and there is plenty of room! I also checked the MDAC versions on all computers involved - and they are of the same version (2.82.1830.0)


The issue that you had outlined is fairly widely known issue. Could you let us know the following please -

  • details like how many users are coming through Citrix, error message from event viewer in Citrix server etc
  • version of OS, Citrix version etc

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Hi Harish,

Version is Ax3 with SP4KR2 - All boxes are Win 2003 Server.

There are 3 Citrix Metaframe Presentation Servers in use and about 90 users using Citrix, Version 4.0 build 2198 Service Pack 2005.04 (there are more fixes installed though).

Citrix Servers have “Faulting application Ax32.exe” Event ID 1000 in the Event log - and the AOS have warnings “AOCP Connection Error” Event ID 181.

Any ideas? I do know this installation isn’t alone - but I haven’t seen any specific hints on how to solve this!

Best regards