Axapta 3.0 SP4 Batch

In Axapta 3.0 SP3 we don’t have any problems with running batches. But in SP4 there are problems. The account under windows (2003) that runs the batch takes a lot of memory from the server, without giving some memory free. Then after a couple of hours (or days) it will take to much so the server is ‘swapping’ (using more memory than physical available). For now we don’t know if this also will appear in the 3-tier environment, because only 2 of our customers are running this and the don’t use an AOS. I’m going to install an AOS at a server in 1 of this cases, I will input the results to this topic asap. Does anybody know how to solve this. I do believe that it’s a BUG, but don’t know this for sure. It is a very important issue !!! Hope to hear from anybody soon … Greetings, Jurgen

Hi Jurgen, Do you have the SP1 installed on the 2003 machine? I know that 2003 server has some incompatibilities with Axapta (e.g. for Enterprise Portal also) that are solved by it.