Axapta 3.0 Finance Certification Exam

Hi, Can someone tell me what documentation should be consulted when preparing Finance Certification Exam for Axapta 3.0? I guess these docs should be included in any serious preparation: User Guide Getting Started Advanced Finance Master Advanced Fixed Assets Anything else? For those of you who have already tried this test for the 3.0 version, have you noticed questions about other domains which are not concerned with the docs above? Thanks for your help [:)]

hi, e-learning is important too. Also self practice is necessary before taking the certification. Practice a lot in step by step way, it may take time but thats the way if you want to pass the certification at one go. wish u all the best Vaibhav

Steps I took to certification: 1) Read all the manuals. Your partner should have access to the partner training for financial I and Advanced Financials. 2) Map out your business process and run them in Axapta. After that you shoudl be ready for testing. 3) Be prepared to take the test a couple of times. After your first test you will have a better understanding of what they are looking for.

Thanks [:)]