Axapta 3.0 and SQL2005?

Hi! Does anybody of you have an info whether there will be a version of Axapta 3.0 that will work with SQL2005? Or will only Axapta 4.0 work with SQL2005?

Helmut, I’m currently looking into this. The “rumours” I have at the moment is that SQL Server 2005 might be supported in SP6 for Axapta 3.0 (scheduled for release in Q2 2006). I’ll let you know if/when I come across more firm information. Cheers, H. Jaeger Tectura (UK) Ltd

Helmut, have a look in the Axapta Partner Newsletter for August 2005 - it states: Microsoft Axapta Database Support for Microsoft Axapta 3.0 and Microsoft Axapta 4.0 Microsoft Axapta is designed to support either the Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database. Below is a list of Microsoft Axapta releases and the databases each release will support: Microsoft Axapta 3.0: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Oracle 9i Database Microsoft Axapta 4.0: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Oracle 9i Database Oracle Database 10g Reading this, SQL 2005 will not be supported by Axapta 3.0, although I still hear rumours that it might be supported from SP6 (to be released roughly at the same time as version 4.0). Regards, H. Jaeger Tectura (UK) Ltd