Axapta 2012 - Outlook 2010 Sync Error {could not retrieve folder information from Microsoft Outlook}

I have Axapta 2012 FP, Outlook 2010 64-bit Windows 7. I setup Outlook to Sync. from Axapta, But whenenver I press Synchronize buttong, the above mentioned error appears, While debuging I came to know its failing on OpenMessageStore method in SysMapiEx… Don;t know its due to mismatch MAPI32.dll or what. Any suggestions?

Try turning the Cached Exchange mode on in the E-Mail Account Settings in Outlook and recreating the profile.

If you keep getting the ‘COM surrogate’ error try clearing the ‘Use Cached Mode’ checckbox in Outlook again and adding the following line of code to the end of the synchronizeObjects() method in the smmOutlookSync class:



return true;



I had the same problem. Now it’s solved with your line of code

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that, oscart.

Thank you for keeping me in the loop.