Axapta 2012 New User cannot view data.

I have recently installed and configured the Ax2012 R2 on my test environment.

I have created a new user but even i give him the roles like ARMANAGER, System user when i goto AR-Customer Details nothing is showing in the form. This new user cannot view the data is there any setup that allow the user to access the data or what.

When i give him the System Administrator role every thing works fine can any one help me in this regards i have searched on the Internet but could not find any thing useful.


Do like ,

In AX application → System Administration module-> common → user → in that Select the user → click on Edit button-> in User’s role tab click on Assign roles → in that to select the system adminstration role → ok.



Hi Kami,

Have you checked the new user having the rights to see the current company?




It is working if i give him system administration role but the issue is i dont want him to see every thing thats why i cannot give him this role.

I just want him to see the customer related forms only.


Hi Abbas.

How can i check that the user have the rights to see the current company please help me on this.


Go to the users form in - Administration - Common Forms - Users .
Find the user in the list and click the tab ‘Groups’ this will show you the security groups the user has assigned.

If extra access is required either create a new security group - Administration - Security Groups.
Or you can add additonal access to the respective nodes to an existing group (if it is for everyone in that group).


In application Goto Adminstration module → User.

Double click on that selected user … In that select the Default company . And also know the user roles in user’s role tab.