Axapta 2009 Purchase Order Problem

User was trying to post a purchase order invoice. System locked up, the PO has a status of received and when you go to the post invoice windows there is a ! in the far left corner of the window. No lines and it generates an error of no posting lines or quantity =0

It must be in the Pending invoice list. Just clear it from there and you would be able to post it.

No invoices in the pending invoice list.

Okay. Make sure that the value for Default quantity for lines= Product receipt quantity. Could you paste a screenshot here?

Well I have now managed to get to this point by doing a query and finding the pending purchase order invoice.

But then I get this when I post it.

Why do you choose All? Why don’t you try with Quantity= Packing slip as the purchase order is already received.

Also copy paste the whole error that you are getting while invoice here.

The error comes back when I use Quantity=Packing slip. No lines show.

Interesting to see this :slight_smile: I suggest you to check with the developer once as the record might have been struck in the Pending invoice table.

Thanks for the help. It has pointed me in the right direction to fix this issue. :slight_smile:

To fix it I went to

Accounts Payable → Inquiries → History → Invoices

I put in the purchase order and found the transaction was waiting. I deleted it and updated the table.

Once this was done I was able to properly redo the invoice for the purchase order.