Axapta 2009 : Fixed Price Projects with Service Items

Dear All,

We are implementing Projects and wanted to know is it possible to issue invoice on fixed price projects with service items. The consumption of items and employee hours are planned to manage through journals and invoice is needed to be generated on project with service items. Any ideas then let me know.



anybody can help me on this !!!

You can use the standard item journal. I think you are creating service item in the system. Use that item in journal line.

Else, create a category for service item and post the expense journal. This way there will be no need to select the service item. You can use the ledger as per requirement.

Else, you can also use Fee journal. Thats a simple way to post against customer.


Thanks for your reply.

After posting the journal with service items, i want to print invoice for customer or project with those lines. Is it possible because on invoicing of projects there are no items available.

In FP project, you can’t do that. All you have is On-Account invoicing. Create and post On Account invoice for that.