Axapta 2008 slowed to a Standstill

Our application has slowed to a complete standstill. Hopefully someone can help us as any ax client work is becoming quite impossible.

What we found most interesting was that on one of our forms it can take 20+ seconds to browse the data grid. This datagrid is connected to the a table in the database with only 6000 records.

We do have other tables with 22+ million records but obviously this isn’t the same table above. Please let us know any fundemental problems we may be overlooking.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Interesting… could it be that AX is not able to draw fast enough?


You have not mentioned hardware, version of SQL server / AX etc. You need someone capable to investigate all potential issues that could cause performance degradation and resolve them.

Meanwhile you can start with reviewing and implementing the recommended database configuration which you can find here -

Regarding the form opening slow, 6K records shouldn’t cause such issues. Is this a bespoke or standard form? If you have installed RU2, you might try switching off Grid’s autoSizeColumns (

Last but not least you mentioned some tables have 22+ million records. If possible you should consider arching old data using Intelligent Data Management Framework (IDMF). You can find some info on this tool here ( Your partner should be able to provide more up to date info.