Axapta 2.5/3.0 Add-ons/Interfaces

I am searching for add-ons and interfaces for shipping systems (UPS, Fedex, LTL) and credit card processing. Do you know of any source?

I too am looking for the same items, anybody have any info? Steve, did you have any luck finding anything on these? Thanks!

Hi, There is this ‘Transport module’ available from Circon Consulting. You can view details of the same from their partner website - Hope this helps, Harish Mohanbabu

In follow-up to my original question - No solutions for interfacing ‘shipping’ have been offered. OBDC (sic) has been mentioned as the standard to ‘easily’ program the interface. I RENEW MY QUERY TO ALL - WHAT INFERFACE ARE YOU USING TO BRIDGE A SHIPPING SYSTEM AND AXAPTA?