AX4.0, MRP question


Can someone please share how and what parameters to use to get the result I want as below.

Item A is required for item B, item B is for item C, item C is for item D and finally item D is for item E (final item, sellable goods).

I want item A to be available 5 days before it is required, item B is required 5 days before it is needed etc.

So, MRP has to schedule item A 25 days (5x5) before item E requirement date. I used item leadtime but it did not make any difference.

Only the sellable item has a sales order and the safety margin is working only for the final item, i.e. it is scheduling A, B, C, D and E 5 days before E is required. I want D to be required 10 days before E is required, C 15 days, B 20 days and A 25 days.

What other parameter should I change? I would appreciate if someone can respond. Thank you very much.


Are you reflecting the item in BOM structures with routings and times?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, but I am trying to see if I can achieve this with coverage groups and/or routing groups so it is easier to manage for the best case scenario. However, I am eager to know any way I can get this.

Thanks again.

Yes with the correct BOM structure and routing the coverage group attached to the item will cascade through the stepped requirements and plan back to back with the routing driving the lead time.

Thanks again. Can you please tell me which parameter(s) in coverage group drives this? I have tried almost everything but it did not work for me.