AX4.0 Email Alerts

Hi I’m looking for assistance in setting up email alerts. I believe i have all the parameters etc configured correctly yet my emails do not send and just sit in the queue as ‘Failed’ How can I identify/rectify the problem?


I presume you have solved your problem, else I think i can help.

Post med if you want help

Can someone please help me with the setup for alerts and email notifications in dynamics AX 4.0 . how can i setup the batch for alerts and email notifications ?

see the link>>

Hi all,

I have managed to get the alert pop ups to work in AX 4.0 but for some reason my emails notifications stay failed in the E-mail sending status.Can any one help me with the steps to setup the email parameters and can anyone tell me if the computer name is added in automatically in the email parameters or do we have to add the computer name ?



My email alert is not working. Can you please help me? I am using AX 5.

Thanks in advance.