AX2012R2 Number sequence problem

Hi All,

I installed AX2012R2 successfully.But i create a new purchase order the number sequence starts 000000 i changed format again it starts PO-000000 i checked other modules also i get the same error.

Please tell me how can i solve this problem?




I assume you’ve set the next number on the General fasttab to something other than zero?

If so a couple of things to check - Look at the Status list on the Number sequences action pane. This records numbers than are available for reuse and will remain even after you have changed a number sequence. Delete any records you find here. Also check that the numbers aren’t preallocated - Check the Performance fasttab

Hi AlanYoung,

I changed the next number in the general tab but again i get the same number(00000).the status list form shows empty. and i set the new numbersequence for the purchase order when new record is added in the reference tab i get this error.

Cannot create a record in Number sequence references (NumberSequenceReference). Datatype number sequence properties: 548, ceu .

The record already exists.

Please give me the ideas about this as early as possible.


I am facing same issue, if you found solution please let me know,.




please share your number sequence setting, snap shot or if you can share your screen.

this is related to number sequence issue where you have not selected continuous.