AX2012R2 Indian data

Hi all,

I downloaded AX2012R2 and Backup(.bak) file in partner source.and installed in my server and restored the .bak file in sql server but i am unable to find the Indian data company in that can i get or which company contains Indian data.or else could you please provide the partner source link.

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Did you download the Indian localized version of AX 2012 R2 ?

Hi Lally,

yes i downloaded and updated Indian localized version of AX 2012 R2.

how can i enable the India localization field like sales tax

After restoring the database we can’t able to see the localization.

we have to create a new company and select the country as 'IND"

Then only you can able to see the Indian localization other wise we can’t see that.

Check the legal entity setup and license configuration. Legal entity should have IND specified.


Hi dynamics,

Microsoft not provided the particular Indian localization data.

We need to create the new Legal entity with IND country.

Then you can able to retrieve all Indian functionalists.




Thanks for the given replay,

I have a small doubt…

I created one legal entity for Indian country. How can i enable the Indian sales taxes?

Thanks All.

I got it