AX2012R2 : Accounting currency transaction appearing in Foreign currency revaluation report

Hi All,

I have a customer invoice where the currency is in the home / accounting currency of the company. The Customer’s currency is in accounting currency as well. Yet one particualr Invoice transaction has undergone Forex revaluation.

I note the following

  1. The customer Misc details shows it is an Intercompany. The company stated as intercompany has a different accouting currency.
  2. It was a free text tax invoice that had undergone revaluation
  3. The customer transactions show many records with foreign currencies , which have been duly revaluated.

Let me know if there is anything else to check. and how to correct the inccorect Reval.



Go to the posted free text invoice and check the currency of the source transaction - users can change it and this may have happened.


What is this ?

Hi Adam,

Checked the orginal document hrough Open transactions origin as well as by printing the Invoice journal. The currency is equal to the accounting currrency.

Will try checking the database log.

This being the case, how do I correct this ? Please advice.