AX2012 Stability Issue


We are doubt on AX2012’s stability (R2 version).

We use to preform PO receipt invoicing, our procedure is that:

  1. Go to AP → All POs → Pick specific PO & Edit,
  2. input invoice Qty in PO Lines receive now → invoice
  3. Pick default Qty for Lines: receive now Qty → Check details & Post

But when testing above procedures with several users, we found below problems:

  • If >2 PO Lines exist, the previous PO line receive now entry will be disappear after we jump to the next PO line
  • When changing Invoice’s default Qty for Lines from “Product receipt Qty” → “Receive Now Qty”, PO lines details could not be retrieved (No data in Match Product Receipts also)

And the only thing we are concern & confusing most is: ALL above problems are GONE after 2 days without any setting / configuration made!

We appreciate any advise on what is going on here!