AX2012: Sales Order

Hi Team,

I have a question here.

As for direct/walk in customer, we always round down the amount receive from customers.

Eg. A customer buy 2 kilocuts with 20% off = ( $69.90 x 2 ) x20% = $111.84

However, we only receive $111.80 from customer and not $111.84.

But client do not wish adding a line of discount $0.04 which confusing to the customer.

I found Currency> rounding rule can be use but it is for all customer. They only want specific customer to have this discount

Is there any other way to do this in the system?

Thanks for help.

that’s a very good requirement. Just wanted to see if someone replies. Since no one replied I wanted initiate a discussion of how to get it working.

How about using total discount % field? may be we need to introduce a field “total discount value”- the value entered will be converted into discount % field. So, I can give the rounding amount as discount.