AX2012 Sales & Marketing Module: Rebate program


I just tested the new rebate function in AX2012 and noticed some difficulties especially when it try to refund the customer the amounts that have been accrued.

I tried to find some documents that describe the Feature but have only been able to find a very Basic description on MS TechNet.

I am wondering whether somebody already used this Feature and could possible share some documents, insights, experiences, etc. with this new functinoality.

Many thanks in advance.

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as far as I know this functionality comes from Fullscope module “Process Industries” and that’s why you can find it in documentation “80309A_AX2012R2_ENUS_PMI” chapter 12.



Not to worry you but it all changes with R3 and there are several other functions. Customer rebates become trade allowances, there are royalty payments, broker payments and vendor payments as well.

You are right. This was Process Industries specific feature developed by Full Scope Inc. 3 years back I worked on AX2009 PI. Let me get some information for you!