AX2012 Retail POS - Error while creating customer and selecting items

In AX2012 Retail POS, I am facing issue in newly created Retail Store which is connected to Head Quarter, the both HQ & POS machine are in same domain.
Steps I have done for Store Setup:

Store Setup, Warehouse Setup, Item Hierarchy, Organization Hierarchy, Register, worker, Assortment, Run the Assortment, N-1040 and all other N-Jobs.

Below issues are coming while doing any transaction at POS:

  1. Items are displaying at POS from the Hierarchy display button without price. But we are unable to select any item or Customer.

  2. If I select an Item for any transaction, it shows error: “Item could not be found”

  3. While creating a Customer from Store Error is coming : “ Unable to save the customer Centrally”

Kindly suggest to fix the issue. What setup we are missing ?

Thanks in advance,

Have you created the price agreements for the store and assigned it using store location?

Have you assigned a Customer address book to the store?

Have you compared setup on all fields with other stores?