AX2012 - Resource Setup


I am having a difficulty to setup the Resource run time and the quantity. My user told me that the machine capacity is govern by the product itself.

If the small size product (1001) uses the machine (M1) to run the production, the machine capacity is 1 hr: 300 pcs

If the middle size product (1002) uses the machine (M1) to run the production, the machine capacity is 1hr: 200 pcs

If the big size product (1003) uses the machine (M1) to run the production, the machine capacity is 1hr: 100 pcs

I can setup these ratios in the route by product. But in term of machine capacity planning, how should i cater this?

Currently, the user only manage to key the average, which may be 1 hr: 200 pcs



Hi Lee,

We can set-up routes for each product. I would say create three routes with the times you have already mentioned. After that products with similar capacity time usage will have the same route.

Create an Operation let say “Capacity” and in the Route lines setup time on product basis. I hope it solves your issue

The user can continue to use the average of 200 if wished by defining this on the resource and never flexing the route, but this would be inaccurate. I am not sure what your issue here is, unless you did not know about the “Capacity” setting which converts it into time as per the post by Hammad.


I can setup three routes to cater the scenarios as i mentioned.

What should i input for run time, process qty, hours/time for the resource?



Hi Lee,

What i normally do for such scenarios is as follow:

Run Time = Production Shift hours (24 Hours if process manufacturing otherwise shift hours)

Process Qty = Quantity produced in the run time hours (normally i take the average from client)

and in cost category associate the cost. Hopefully it will work for you as well.

Nothing for run time. You set the resource to plan by capacity. The resource isset at 200 per hour and you define a factor on the route step to flex this for each product.

Hi Adam,


I have tested some scenarios. It meets user requirement.

By the way, could you advise what is the used for capacity unit and batch capacity in the resource?

What is strokes/hour? meters/hour? Lbs./hour? Data/hour?



HI Adam,

I have a problem.

Let assume I have 3 machines (M1, M2 & M3). All the capacity is set to 10,000, and the route factor is set to 1.

If I would produce 100,000 pcs of finished item, it requires 10 hours to run for a single job if i have only one machine available.

But now i have 3 machines available, which resources qty is set to 3 in the route, thus when i run the job scheduling, there will be 3 different jobs for 3 machines (M1, M2, M3), i would expect the hours should also divide by 3, which is 10/3 = 3.33 hours.

But for my testing, it still display as 10 hours for all the three jobs.

If this is true, then the machine capacity reservation is wrong.

Do you know where i goes wrong?



It is an indicator of the capacity of the machine per hour. I do not believe the selection impacts on the capacity, it is simply that many per hour

How is the route configured? The operation is on a resource group with the resource requirements set to 3 for the single operation? The consumption calculation is capacity I presume as you mention your factor is 1? This is on the route not the resource. Seems like it is setup fine from your description. 3 machines each at 10,000 per hour, route set on the group, 3 required, but I cannot remember the logic here off teh top of my head, whether teh 3 means you always need 3 or not.

An operation requires resources from a resource group that consists of five resources. The process time for the operation is three hours, and the value in the Quantity field is 2. For operation scheduling, six hours are reserved for the resource group. For job scheduling, three hours are reserved for two different resources.

So the quantity will tell you that you need an hour on EACH resource. Therefore you need to use the factor on the route to divide the strokes by 3 to get the timings correct.