AX2012 Report Manager "Query Parameter does not show"

I am studying Report Design with 2009 documentation but try to follow it with a AX2012 system. I have the following problem:

A parameter defined as a “range” in the query does not show when I start the report with the report manager.

hmm… looks like Visual Studio 2010 is not creating a parameter in the report model when drag’n’dropping a data source into the design…


don’t rely too much on how AX2012 SSRS reports look like in Report Manager. To be honest, some reports with more advanced parameter input won’t be usable in Report Manager at all, especially the reports which use a so called UIBuilder class. If you have defined a range in a query which you use for you report, then for sure you won’t see this in Report Manager. Query selection ranges are only visible from AX built-in report viewer.

Open the same report from within AX environment and see if you have the parameter then.



Parameters r to be included thru RDP classes r it should be added thru parameters option available in VS 2010.

U can filter out ur records based on filter which u r using or else u can set the ranges thru RDP classes. Ranges can’t be added @ Datasource level…!!!