AX2012 Report appearing empty

2311.EMptyReprot.bmp (1.05 MB)I Have this error on all Standard Report. For example PurchPurchaseOrder.

I have this situation:

  • One Environment for PreProduction: → link to the first Report Server Installed → All Reports works well

  • One Environment for Live → link to the Report Server 02 → reports appearing empty

  • One Environment for TST → link to the Report Server 03 → reports appearing empty


1 - There aren’t error in compilation and generation of CIL.

2 - The reports have been published properly into the correct report server without error.

3 - We did the setup of report server and the ax using the rules of this site

I’ll try to debug. BUT… I think that is something about missing configuration… it’s impossible that all the reports are empty.

Did Anyone have and solve this problem?




4520.EMptyReprot.bmp (1.05 MB)

Did you get solution for this since I get same scenario with Sales invoice report.

I’am also intersted fo the solution if it exists.

I moved our report server to a new database server. The settings looks like a same as the old one, but some reports shows up without data. I have problem only with the reports based on Data provider class. If The report based on query there is no problem.


1.Check all three AX server instance Report Configuration url pointing to correct Report server in the System Admin Module Setup tab

IN your case three different Report server Url to three AX server instance.

this will solve the issue.

We have the same problem here.

We have configured 2 instances of SSRS.

We have implemented the reports in both instances with Publish-AXReport command.

We also have created the configurations in System Admin module, each AOS instance pointing to a different SSRS URL.

In one of the instances reports are working OK. In the other one, we get this empty report problem.

This is our solution for this issue. In our case, we had correctly setup the second instance of SSRS, and in AX System Admin module, we created our SSRS configuration pointing to the new instance.

However, a key step is the Report Deployment. This is done through the Publish-AXReport powershell command. This is really important:

Make sure your “AX 2012 configuration” (client configuration) is poiting to the correct AOS instance before running “Publish-AXReport”. OR use the -ServicesFilePath parameter to choose a .axc file with the correct configuration.

Check out for more parameters