ax2012 R3 record level security for item group


I would like to setup RLS for a security roles who only only view on particular item on belong to the item group.

Example, only can view all items in the “SparePart” item group. How can we setup the RLS?

Pls advice.


First of all, why are you trying to use RLS instead of Extensible data security (XDS)? RLS has been deprecated in AX 2012.

Also, what problem with the setup? If you’re not familiar with the feature at all, you can learn it from documentation.

For every table you need to assign a XDS policy… wherever you want to control… Refer the below blog & there is limitation for XDS. Which slow down the system performance based on no. of policy defined.

Hi Zaid,

I read thru the blog

but i still not able to setup by following the example. How can we activate/ enable the security policy to only certain user roles?

Can you let me know is there any good documentation related to XDS .


Kong Yiu, you’ll find AX documentation on MSDN and Technet. Just use your favorite search engine to find the topic you need.

In this case, you’re looking for Walkthrough: Creating a Role Context Security Policy [AX 2012].