AX2012 R3 Inventory vs Manufacturing physical dimensions

Hello All,

We have just upgraded to AX2012 r3, though have not enabled WMS yet.

We have a lot of our inventory that we sell directly, though also use for internal manufacturing processes. I am trying to determine the best possible areas to store physical dimension characteristics of these items. The problem is I want an inventory physical dimensions to be what I want to tell the customers (3650mm x 1220mm) though I want our material sheet optimiser to know the actual finite dimensions are (3660mm x 1230mm).

I am struggling to determine where I can put the “3650mm x 1220mm” (Inventory) and “3660mm x 1230mm” (manufacturing) dimensions. I looked at the new UOMPhysicalDimension (WHSPhysDimUOM) settings in R3, though noticed that on the insert it actually copies these values to the ReleasedProduct->Manage inventory Width, Depth, Height. This leads me to believe this is where is should put the Inventory dimensions. Then I see the ReleasedProduct->Engineer Height, Width, Depth though these are documented as being a “Measurement conversion factor” not static values, thus leading me to believe these are for PMF formula calculations.

Can someone please enlighten me where the best place to store these differing dimensions:

Inventory: (3560mm x 1220mm)

Manufacturing: (3660mm x 1230mm)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Tj

Hi Tjeerd,

My understanding is that the Inventory physical dimensions are used through the warehouse functionality (for example, if you’re using location volumes to determine how many of an item a location can hold, or in the Volume field that can be seen on the Warehouse management Shipments list page).

The physical dimensions on the Engineering tab are used if the Consumption calculation on the BOM Line is not set to ‘Standard’ (the values copy to the ‘Measurement’ area of the BOM Line → Setup tab: