AX2012 R3: Auto Picking List for one item with different batch number


I am using AX2012 R3. I have turn on auto picking list.
Sales order opened with 1 item (1 line) with 10 quantity which do not select batch number and location. Next, I do picking list posting but it prompt me error that batch number and location must be selected.

What I think is this is not make sense where it might be 4 quantity is Batch A and another 6 quantity is Batch B. And it is not possible to insert 2 line with same item number in sales order.

Any configuration or setup missed?

Can someone please help?

I believe you should use “Auto reservation” to get the batch numbers automatically allocated. So that you are not forced to enter the batch numbers during the picklist.

Hi Santosh,

Thanks for your reply. I tested with the setup you mentioned but it’s work only in R2 but it’s not work in R3.

I think mainly because I turned on warehouse management in R3 and I not sure what setup have missed. Any idea?

Hi Rebecca,

Not sure on what changes with warehouse management. Ultimately the goal is to have the “Reserved physical” for your inventory transactions. If you achieve this status, then you will be able to proceed with no further problems.