AX2012 R2 Shipments

AX2012 R2
Sales order Shipments
Item model group: consolidated picking

I am doing following steps

1- Created a sales order and confirmed it’s status.
2- Output order created

Error while creating the shipment “no output order matched the criteria specified”

kindly advise.

It means that the output order doesn’t match with the shipment template… check the site and warehouse. Try by changing them, during shipment creation to match the output order

I am using the same warehouse in Shipment template which I used in Sales order.

Still same error.

What is the status of output order? i think it pickups the created status output orders

It’s consolidated picking in Item model group

and status of my sales order - output order is status-Handling.


May be the shipment is already created for your output order that is why status shows Handling?