AX2012 R2 - Roles, duties, privileges, permissions for a NEW module, menus.

Hi … if I can explain what I am trying to do:-

I have created a new module called for example Pman, I have then cut / paste, drop / dragged the relevant menus from sales ledger, purchase ledger, SWM, PIM, MP into this new module so that all the menus are on one module so that the user doesn’t need to flick between various modules.

I am having difficulty with duties, privileges and permissions as I only what users to have access to the new module and not sales ledger / purchase ledger etc, as when I assign the correct security, not only do the users see the new module but they also see for example, the sales / purchase ledger.
How is it best to manage this … only allow users access to menus that are on the new module but originate from ‘another’ module like sales ledger? Does this make sense?

Thanks in advance


If you grant a user access to an entry point (menu item), it doesn’t matter where it is in menu. It’s not unusual that one menu item is referred from several menus, if it makes sense in context of several modules, but it’s still the same entry point from security perspective.

Nevertheless you could copy the menu items instead of just reference them from another menu. Then you can use these new menu items in new privileges etc., independently from the originally menu items, regardless that they point to the same objects. It will increase complexity of your security setup, of course - it’s up to you to judge whether it’s worth doing.

Thanks Martin for the reply, appreciated

hi, dear ,i have a query, query is that by default for standard ax admin user there is no option to create Po from EP, now i want to create a buttion which wil create PO from EP,so from where i should start…