AX2012 R2 Retail Parameter setups

HI all,

i have a question,how can we create new numberseq into ax2012 Retail Module->Set Up->Retail Parameters ->NumberSeq Tab…

There i need to add one more new numberSeq like Retail Adj …

Can you please help how can we setup the number seq there…




If you are trying to create a new number sequence for your requirement then you will have to write some codes in NumberSeq Classes and then you need to run a job to activate that number seq in the parameters form, from there you can either manually number seq can be created or automatically also it can done.

Hope this info helps you.


Thanks for the reply .

Hey i already created new numberseq for that one.But that new number how can i give create that into retail parameters.

As you said ,we need to run the job for activate that code into retail parameter right .could please send code here.