AX2012-R2 Lead time in trade agreement not used in Master planning?


I need to define lead times that are quantity dependent (e.g. if I buy less than 100, the supplier will deliver from his stock and the lead time is 1 day, If I buy more than 100, the supplier will not drain his stock, but startup a production order, resulting in a lead time of 5 days). I have been able to set this up using a trade agreement with quantity dependent lines, each having their specific lead time). When I manually create a purchase order, the system will calculate the delivery date depending on the quantity entered (so 1 day if I buy less than 100, and 5 days if I buy more). On the item (ordersettings) I have a lead time of 3 days which is not considered as it uses the lead time from the agreement. So far so good… However, when I run the masterplanning, the generated planned orders show a lead time of 3 days (the one on the item) and does not consider the lead time on the agreement (it shoud have taken 5 days as the suggested qty is more than 100). My item has a main supplier, the agreement is defined for the specific item/supplier, just to be sure. I don’t really understand why there is a discrepancy between the way the lead time is calculated during manual order entry and during masterplanning?

I appreciate any suggestions or clarifications !

Is planning configured to look at trade agreements? If it is can you remove the default vendor from the item record and try again?

In the masterplanning parameters you have to check find trade agreements.


yes masterplanning has been setup to look at trade agreements. I have now removed the main supplier from the item, and it looks like the planning is now using the correct lead time from the trade agreement to calculate the order date back from the requested delivery date! The lead time shown on the Requirement profile (Setup tab) is still showing the lead time from the item, which makes it a little more difficult to clarify the planned order… but only a minor issue… most important is that the correct lead time is taken to calculate the order date.

Thanks for the tip!

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No problem. My memory says the moment you end a default vendor on the item all other elements like looking at trade agreements etc are bypassed. Once you know you remember it [:D] Default vendor means default vendor and a whole lot more!

Hi, I have a similar problem. I am just testing the Master planning settings.

I have an item with no default vendor. In default order settings the Purchase lead time is 20 days.

In Master planning parameters Find trade agreements is checked.

I set up trade agreements for two vendors with different prices and different lead times.

I enter a sales order and run Master planning. The result is planned purchase order for the correct quantity with no vendor selected and delivery time = lead time in the default order settings.

If I remove the default lead time, no change. The delivery time is 0 days in the planned order, but still doesn’t select a vendor/price/ lead time from the Trade agreement. Any suggestions?

Which version of AX?

How did you run planning?

I’m sure this is already resolved given the date, but for the benefit of anyone stumbling over here via search engines, this was probably missing the second setup necessary in purchasing. The flag you referenced on the MP side tells it to use trade agreements versus item coverage/default order settings on the parts, but on the purchasing side under setup, pricing, there’s a menu option called “activate price/discount”. That brings up a screen with check boxes to enable trade agreement journals for purchase orders for parts, vendors, vendor groups, etc. If you haven’t check/enabled anything over here, but only told MRP to use them, then even though it will let you create and post the journal, MRP won’t see and use it without the purchasing setup also enabled.