AX2012 R2 Inter business units transactions

Dear All

I have one legal entity and I am using 4 different business units in dimension( Business unit).

Now the task is to perform transactions with in business units.

Lets suppose my business unit A sales something to business unit B.

Kindly advise.


For sale you need to define a customer.

I think this should be handled through transfer, define sites and transfer the stock between them.(this can be accounted as inter unit playable and receivables

Hi Kranthi ,

Thank you for the explanation about inter unit playable and receivables accounts in the Inventory posting profiles.

I have one question , In AX 2012 is it possible to main the inter unit receivable & inter unit payable accounts site or warehouse wise.

Else how would i know come to that how much money that i need to pay warehouse wise ?

How or when these accounts will be nullified ?

Thanks in advance.