AX2012 R2 Cu7 Integration CRM 2011 issue


When ever i run the Integration i am getting below message

[Account to Customer Service] has encountered an error while reading records. Processing will be aborted. Error text: A record level exception has occurred for record [ax connect, c8d98061-6315-e311-b370-001e0bc9f1b2]. Error text : There was an error downloading ‘DB2:8101/…/DynamicsConnectorDefaultServices’.

Let me know how to resolve it.


Naveed Ali


Check your inbound port and services.

IN Ax2012 r2 CU7 when you will RUN Connector Helper-Class.Your Inbound port and services and service group will be automatically generated.

So just validate the Things if all are right.

Dont select services manually during Configuring CRM…