AX2012 R2 Contoso Test Data - Unable to login to AX


I downloaded the Contoso Test Data from Partner Source for AX 2012 R2. I noticed that it’s a database backup file, one called MicrosoftDynamicsAx.bak and the other called MicrosoftDynamicsAx_model.bak. I restored both databases over my AX 2012 R2 database which was a clean database with no data or transactions. During the restore process, I selected “MicrosoftDynamicsAx” database from the .bak file and not AXDB.

Using Management Studio, I added my AOS account to the Security->Login section of both databases. I’m logged into the server as an administrator. I followed the guide that MS wrote and I also ran the below query:

DECLARE @NetworkDomain nvarchar(255);

DECLARE @NetworkAlias nvarchar(80);

DECLARE @SID nvarchar(124);

DECLARE @InitialPartition bigint;

select @InitialPartition=Recid from PARTITIONS where PARTITIONKEY=N’Initial’

select @NetworkAlias=NETWORKALIAS,@NetworkDomain=NETWORKDOMAIN,@SID=SID from

USERINFO where PARTITION=@InitialPartition AND ID = N’Admin’



PARTITION != @InitialPartition AND ID = N’Admin’

When I launch AX, I get “A user session on the server could not be created. Try to restart the client again…”. So, I went into the Configuration utility and tried to Refresh my service connection and it said that it can’t login to the AOS. I even added the SID, NetworkDomain and NetworkAlias of my administrator account to the UserInfo and that didn’t help either.

Does anyone know how to get around this?

Did you have a solution for this problem. I have the same issue.