AX2012 Projects - Funding sources


I’m trying to set up a simple T&M project using funding sources with an on hold funding source.

I’ve set up the funding limit for the customer with a revenue of £2,700 and revenue per hour at £120.

I’ve posted a time sheet with Monday: 7.50 hours and Tuesday 7.50 hours (which should be a revenue total of £1,800 well below the funding limit)- submitted and approved

The transactions are showing correctly on the project as £900 revenue on each day - but Monday is showing as chargeable with an invoice status as chargeable (which is correct) but Tuesdays time is showing as chargeable but with an invoice status of non-chargeable and as such won’t appear on an invoice proposal.

Any ideas, I’m sure its just a setting somewhere but I’ve spent a while on it now and just can’t seem to find the problem.

Many thanks for your help…

Just a quick update - the setup above actually works if I enter time through a time journal, its only when I enter time via the time sheet system that the strange results occur…