AX2012: Project hours journal error message


I currently get the error message “worker is not associated to the current legal entity”, which is caused by the default setup of the worker in the journal.

My question: How can I associate a worker to a legal entity?

Hope somebody can help.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Ludwig,

The error is coming because you haven’t set relation between worker and user.

On the worker form, you need to make a relation between user and worker and than the journal will be posted.


Hello Pravnav,

Thank you for your feedback.

Where exactly on the worker form can I make the link between the user and the worker.

I cannot find this field.

Hope you can help.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Ludwig,

Under System administration > Common > Users > User relations

That’s it.

Thank you very much!

Hi All

I am getting the same problem, but i go to the user relation form i have four option in the drop down, what we have to select i think Vendor. Can u explain me

i make the relation on the user relation form but again it is showing the same error

Those options are filter options for the person to select for your user. You can select based on your requirement. Since you are entering hour transaction for your employee, i’d suggest Worker as the option here.

Make sure you relate the person for your current logged in employee.

Go to System administration=> Common=> Users=> Users

Select your logged in user, for example Admin and click on Setup=> Relations

Now specify the person details here and try posting the journal. Remember this worker should be employed in the current legal entity to do so.

Apart from this there can be also one reason why your hour journal does not post, it may be due to Validation setup which is available under Advance project management feature. Let me know if above things did not work then I can suggest for Validation setup solution.