AX2012 Production output available during long production process

Hello All,

We have just upgraded to AX2012 r3, though have not enabled WMS yet.

We have some items with very large production runs that span over several days (EG: 3 days). We are utilising Capacity scheduling, so the system is aware of durations etc. We are finding that the standard behaviour is only making the entire production orders finished quantity available on the scheduled end date of the production order, then generating transfers etc after this.

Ideally we want the behaviour of the system to understand that there will be stock available (reported as finished) throughout this 3 days (EG: 2400 per day, based on Capacity etc) and to allocate this and resource schedule accordingly.


ProductionOrder: 123 Quantity: 7200 Duration: 72 hours

Currently MRP will make available 7200 on the 3rd day, and transfer 7200 on the 3rd day, ideally we would want to somehow control production to make available 2400 on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd day, thus transferring it also over 3 days as the stock is made over the 3 days.

Can someone please outline if this is possible and how / what parameters can be used to tightly control this? We do not want to split the production order into smaller lots EG: “Max order qty” we want to keep at 0.

Ideally we would like to initially get this working in our R3 version without enabling WMS, I am hoping this is possible without requiring WMS. If this is possible in WMS also / only, any links would be appreciated.

Any help / links would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Tj

I dont think this is possible without splitting production I am afraid.

You could try the transfer batch option on the routing line, but this will help concatenate the routing time, ultimately the delivery date of your order is matched to the requirement date and then planned backwards. The linking of materials etc by line is by date, and end date.

Try the transfer batch (not sure you can even set it on the final operation) and then see how planning reacts. WHS (WMS) will not impact this, it is the planning engine you have the issue with.

I mean if you are job scheduling etc the system will see your capacity is used in those three days, that is not the issue, the issue is it planning to have 2400 ready two days before the requirement date because of the timing. It will not split the inventory transaction into 3 elements based upon potential finish time to align to requirements. You would need to split it, and you dont want to do that. I mean the moment it is in it is in, I am not sure what resource you are looking to schedule post RAF.

Thanks for your feedback Adam, it does look like the only way is to split the “Max order qty”, we will have to see if WMS can help with this when we start looking at rolling it out. I believe we will have the same limitation.