AX2012 Posting error in Inventory Movement (Budget error)


I have error when posting inventory movement. Error message: “A budget rate type is not defined for the ledger. Select a budget rate type for the ledger before you record budget register entries.”

  1. This company do not implement budget control.

  2. I do not check any parameters or setting for budget.

Can I know what I miss out? I need help.

Another error: “Account number for transaction type inventory, inventory receipt does not exist.”.

For this error, where I miss out? Because I have set under Inventory>Setup> Posting>Posting

Please help.

Thanks a lot.

  1. Try to update the Ledger setup by defining the exchange rate for budgets. The error might be because budget control is setup in some other companies.

  2. In the item posting, was the account specified for inventory receipt for inventory setup. I will suggest you to check this from Item group rather than on the item posting form since it will be easier. If the ledger account is defined, make sure that ledger account is included in anyone of the COA structure.