AX2012 Poor Performance / Out of Memory


AX is currently running very slow, I cleared my user data usage but that has taken no affect.

When I click on create new sales or another menu item/button it hangs for a while and then loads ups.

My current session is taking 150+ MB then it sky rockets to something like 3000MB. Sometimes I also get out of memory error. What should the average MB taken per user? I don’t think it should be that high?


I also deleted my AUC file and it also made no difference.

Please give us more information. Did it happen before? What’s your exact version? Where exactly it happens? Did you try to debug the code to see where it happens?

Hi Martin,

This started to occur since September, currently we are using AX2012 R2. I will be looking to use trace parser very soon so hopefully I will be able to see where in the code this is happening.

When creating a sales order the “Out of Memory” error is thrown up however when access other forms in AX it does take a while but doesnt crash AX as it does when creating a sales order.

Did you come to a solution for the performance issues?

We experience similar problems.

Best regards