AX2012 Order entry deadlines

Order entry deadlines and deliver options.

Would someone mind confirming this:

In AX2012, it would appear that you can only have one order entry deadline group (Warehouse or assigned to customer) and not multiple order entry deadlines throughout the working day.
This would be required to accommodate local deliveries (van routes) leaving the same depot / warehouse multiple times during the day, for example.

Delivery route 1 covers a geographical location (by postcode say). The 1st order deadline is 9am, departs at 9:15, returns by 10:30, therefore the second order entry for the same day will be say 10:45 so that the same person / delivery route 1 can depart at 11:15 and return 12:30.
The third order entry for the same day etc … etc … will be 13:30 so that the same person / delivery route 1 can depart by 13:45 and return by 15:00

Is this scenario possible, to have multiple cut offs (order deadlines) throughout the day ?

If so … please point me in the right direction on how to achieve this, if not, then please confirm so.

Kind regards


I have not looked into this in detail in AX2012, but in my opinion the answer is no. The order deadline concept is irrelevant of delivery method, so locating off this based upon transportation/logistics loading and routes is not possible as standard. You would need to modify it to do this, but it would be assuming sales are in charge of the definition of the delivery route choice as well, which would be problematic as a concpet to many customers!

Thanks for the response …