AX2012 new feature Yield planning and tracking

There is a new feature in production module listed for AX2012 which is as follows:

"Establish standards for yield using formulas, and then track and report actual yields against those standards to quickly identify out-of-tolerance conditions, isolate the cause, and take corrective actions"

Can some body tell me how this functionality is working.

You set a yield on teh formula, say 90%, you want to make 100kgs, so it ups the consumption requirements by 10% to get you to the 100kgs. Pretty sure it is that way around.

Dear Adam,

Thanks for the quick reply.

do you mean there is not improvement in the yield functionality ?

“When they say Comparision with Actual yield> tolerance conditions for the yield > isolate the cause > take corrective action”…dont we get any thing out of this in system AX2012 inaddition what we had in AX4.0 ???

What is your quoted part?

AX2012 you get yield, you did not get this in earlier versions. If you bought Process it was an MDIS, now it is core.