AX2012 Match supplier and customer invoices


I’ve got an AX 2012 customer who raises sales ledger free text invoices for the sale of sponsorship.

Some of these customers will not pay in cash but in ‘benefit in kind’ (goods or services to the same value). These transactions are raised in procurement and ultimately end up as Purchase Ledger invoices.

Is there anyway in 2012 to match these 2 transactions together so they don’t appear as outstanding on the ageing reports?


Please let me know the solution.

pass journal and settle against customer and vendor

Account type = Vendor

Offset Account Type = Customer

Thanks & Regards


Hi Rajesh

Thanks for your reply, that’s also the conclusion I’ve come to but the other way around (Customer, offset Supplier) then match AP transactions in settle open transactions. I was just hoping that there was a more automated way of linking a customer to a supplier and just simply matching the transactions off.