ax2012 master planning plan PO


I have a demand for raw material. After i run the MRP, Ax2012 suggest it to buy and i firm it to create the PO. In the PO, i activate the PO approval workflow. That PO is now pending for approval.

When i run the master planning again, Ax still suggest for me to buy for 2nd time. Is any setting for the master planning to NOT suggest me to buy since the PO was raise, it just pending for approval.

Kindly advice.




HI ,

Master planning will generate planned order but Planner need to follow action and future message .

There must me action message Cancel . Just follow it .

Only in case of onhand mster planning will not generate Planned orders .

on the Master plan setup, you will have include inventory transactions check box which need to be checked to consider your open purchase orders as part of available stock.

However, you should approve this PO then only system creates inventory trans for the PO. Unless you approve this PO, system doesn’t consider that it is an expected supply. So, it keeps generating new order when you run the master planning again.