AX2012 - Master Planning in Which Level? Item Number Level?


Can somebody advise in which level the master planning does for AX 2012? As what i am aware, AX2009 can only plan at item number level. Can AX2012 plan at a level higher than item number level? Let say item group/ item category level?

I raise this because we have product which is manufactured and trading as well. But, for the item posting, we would like to separate out how much cost goes to COGS and how much goes to COGM. In order to cater this requirement, i need to maintain two different item number (one for manufactured) and the other item number for trading.

As such, how can setup the master planning to fulfill the requirement above?




As they are set as two independent items MP will treat them as independent items. You would need to explain more on the cogs requirement and why you require a separation, but essentially planning does not change.


I know that there is a alternative item field in the item detail form. Can i make use of this ‘alternative item’ field and does master planning works perfectly?

Say main item is the manufactured item number, the alternative item is the trading item.

They require the separation because they want to separate out the profitability by manufactured item & trading item.



The alternative item is only sales order based, it will not work for you. If the business see the product as distinct depending upon the source then they must treat them as separate items. Not strictly true given all the detail that you could go into, but on the basis of what you have said they have no choice.

Hi Adam,

I am still figuring how can the COGS be clearly segregated out financially but still using one item number. We intend to use one item number instead of many different item number because the physical item is identical. The other concern is when the sales man place an sales order, the sales man would not know which item number to put because they do not where the source eventually comes from.

Assume I still want to use one item number, I was thinking to make use of multi site functionality and activate the financial dimension link.

Having say that, the item is still associated with one COGS ledger account but I will make use of the cost center to differentiate the sources. For the item costing part, I will make use of the sites to store the cost of the item from individual source.

Thus, somehow we still manage to segregate out the COGS with the breakdown of cost centers.

For the MRP side, is the master planning run perfectly? Do you see any abnormality if i practice in this manner?


It depends upon your final approach of one or two items, but as long as you configure item coverage and are site specific on what it does then I can see no issues given the informaion you have provided.

Hi Lee,

Your requirements reminded me about a similar situation I faced with another ERP. The option implemented was enabling batch control for the item, then creating separate lots for purchased and manufacturing receipts, and finally creating a custom version of the “Gross margin by item”.

Needless to say that controlling ALL inventory TRX by lot, implies a significant overhead and discipline, especially by the shipping people.

Whatever solution you take, I think you’d better approach it as a “Sales Report”, not a “Financial Report”.

Finally, what would happen if in the future, your Co. decides to open a new site/ legal entity where the item is not purchased neither manufactured, but transferred?

My two cents, HTH & Knd Rgds