AX2012 Main Account Posting Types

In previous versions of AX, when you set the posting type of the ledger code to “Bank”, and then created the bank account in the bank module, on selecteingthe ledger code the initial view showed you the ledger codes that had the posting type of “Bank” set against them (According to posting type).

I can’t see this in AX2012, does it still exist ? Is there an additional setting to make this work ?



Has anyone come across this yet ?


In AX 2009 and 2012, i am able to select bank as posting type in ledger accounts and in bank form, i am able to select any of the ledger on the bank account.

Is there anything which is hampering transaction?


Andy what journal are you using?

Not on a journal, this is on bank account setup.

In AX2009 when selecting the G/L code, the user would be presented with a choice of selecting a G/L code according to either “According to posting”, or “According to account type”. The “According to posting” would be restricted to G?L codes that have their posting type set to “Bank”, making the selection of bank G/L codes much simpler.

In AX2012 the user is presented with the full list of main accounts, regardless of the posting type. Is there any way that this list can only display the main accounts that have a posting type of “Bank” as per AX2009 ?

I do not see this differentiation in the standard CEU account when setting up the Bank account record. Which tab is the field, or is it a parameter? Are you sure this is not a modification/localisation?

It is not in my AX2009 which would explain why it is not in AX2012. I am not a finance consultant so please tell me where I am going wrong. Also what country features do you have activated and is this the same between the databases?

Got it.

  1. On the ledger accounts, in posting type Andy select Bank.

  2. In Validate posting, select List.

I did this steps and found what Andy is describing and it worked for 2009 but the same didn’t work in 2012.

Seems it has changed.


Thanks, found it now [:D] The list option is only for posting, and it seems in AX2009 the lookup altered when this was set for ease of choice. Looks to me like this functionality has been removed with the re-design of the lookups.

Shame really, it was a very useful feature. Made setting up of bank accounts much easier, it was also used in other areas such as debtor/creditor posting profiles and VAT setups to name a few.

Posting ty[e still works in cases like sales tax ledger setup.

But many important functionalities has been removed. There are MAJOR bugs we have faced in serial number system and MS says that they are working as designed. I wonder how MS people say that bugs are there in their design.