AX2012 - Lost sales and abnormal sales

Lost sale … (Not debating ‘what is a lost sale’ … J), on a sales order, when an item cannot be supplied in time due to an out of stock scenario, is there a way to log this sale as ‘lost’ so that this potential sale (if we have had stock) would therefore be included in any future stock re-order considerations?
How does AX2012 handle this?

Likewise with abnormal sales, if for example a large ‘one off’ quantity had been sold, or the user is aware that they are selling items that are not desirable stock (obsolete for example, and indeed some intercompany sales), is there a way to indicate that these items are of abnormal sales and should not be considered in any future stock re-ordering considerations. i.e. sales / demand history on these items to be ignored.
How does AX2012 handle this?

Not that well is how it handles it.

Lost sale I would deliver remainder and report on order/shipped. This does not go into future stock considerations.

If you calculate minimums with standard deviations the abnormal sales are removed from the safety stock journals.

In reality demand aggregation and forecasting is not best handled by AX base, there are other tools that you could use however.

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