AX2012 Item coverage load balancing


We are currently on AX2012 R3 CU8. We currently do not have WMS/TMS enabled, though we are in the process of starting to use this. (no real relevance to my actual question, just information)

My question is in relation to a business requirement around item coverage steering where we have a Sales distribution site “003” and 2 production sites “001” and “004”, which can both produce the exact same item “X”. All 3 sites are in 3 geographically different locations, however I want to be able to load balance the transfer from either “001” or “004” based on production capacity.

I am familiar with being able to do this at purely production level with multiple resources on the same site, however I cannot visualise how I could make the Item coverage steer to different production sites from “003”, based on anything. My feeling is that the decision to state that Item “X” is covered from site “001” is a hard and fast rule, not dynamically configurable without some heavy modifications.

Any suggested possibilities, or potential outline of previously implemented solutions to this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Tj